The Chislehurst Society Ribbons Collection - Old images of Chislehurst

The Society has been collecting old images of Chislehurst for many years, and we are pleased to present many of them here for members and others to review. These are mainly in the form of postcards, but there are drawings, paintings and original photographs as well. There are more than 1,000 images included in this collection

Peter Ribbons, a collector of postcards and memorabilia, has loaned his own collection of images to the Society, and these are included here. His collection contains many rare or unusual images, mainly from late Victorian or Edwardian times. In honour of his generosity we have named our entire collection The Chislehurst Society Ribbons Collection.

Images are available to view via galleries shown below. It is not possible to download images from the galleries. If you are a member, and would like a digital copy of a particular image for personal use, please contact us. Unless there are copyright restrictions, we can provide a digital copy of the image which we will send to you by email. We charge £5 per image to members if used for personal purposes. Higher charges apply for non personal or commercial use. Images will be provided free to local schools.

AlmsHousesAlms Houses

Built by sisters related to Canon Murray, Rector of St Nicholas, and Catholic Cardinal Newman.

AnnunciationAnnunciation Church

Built in 1870 as the population in Chislehurst rapidly grew.

Ashfield Lane

Old Houses on an old country lane

Bank Holiday crowds

Chislehurst was a popular destination for Londoners on Bank Holidays.

Beaverwood School

Originally the County Grammar School for Girls.

Bickley Arms

At the bottom of Old Hill - the original main road to Bromley.

Bonfires on the Commons

Regular events on the Commons.

Bull's Head Hotel

Chislehurst's most important coaching inn, on Royal Parade.


Bullers Wood

Originally a private house, then a specialist church music college and now a secondary school.

Camden Park Corner

Now a busy traffic intersection between Camden Place and the Cricket ground

Camden Place

Named after historian William Camden, but more famously the home of the exiled Napoleon III in 1871.

Centre Common Road

Now a busy traffic intersection and site of the War Memorial.

Chislehurst Caves

Unfortunately no druids here, but lots of history,including being the shelter for families escaping WWII bombs.

Chislehurst Commons

Preserved and maintained by residents for residents.


Situated in Lubbock Road overlooking the railway. Built in 1872.

Church Row

An historic row of architecturally charming houses overlooking the Commons.

Coolings Shop

The shop of Chislehurst family, nurserymen and photographers, now Paper Lane on The High Street.


Once the home of Bowden, the builder of St Mary's Church, and recently restored.

Cricket Ground

Located on the Commons since 1822, courtesy of the Lord of the Manor.

Crown Lane

A quiet and narrow Victorian street near St Mary's Church.

Dabner's Cottage

An old cottage on St Pauls Cray Common, long since demolished.


Including the Bilbrough home, Elmstead Grange, now Babington House.

Farringtons School

Independent School established by the Methodist Community.

Fire Brigade

In the days when we had our own fire brigade

Governess Institution

Built on the north side of Manor Park Road, now demolished.

Great War Army

Chislehurst echoed to the sound of marching boots during the Great War.

Great War wounded

At least four grand houses became Red Cross hospitals to deal with the war wounded.


Col Edlmann used to sit, shooting pigeons on the lawn as the house disintegrated around him...

High Street

See how it has changed over the last century.

Chislehurst Houses

Over 50 images of different houses across Chislehurst

Lubbock Road

A road of Victorian housing developed by Nathaniel Strode on the Camden Park Estate.

Manor House

Never owned or occupied by the Lord of the Manor.

Manor Park

A private road with some large Victorian villas, named after great statesmen.

Methodist Church

Unusual amongst Methodist churches in that it has a magnificent spire.

Mill Place

A distinct community with its own church, police station and pubs.

Overflow Pond

Now mostly dried out, this pond was just off what is now Bromley Road.

Prickend Pond

Created as a result of gravel extraction, this is not a natural pond.

Prince Imperial Monument

Erected by the residents of Chislehurst after the Prince's death.

Public Events

Many and varied in the days before TV and radio.

Queens Head

One of the oldest buildings in Chislehurst, constantly being renewed.

Rambler's Rest

Originally the Millers Arms, a famous watering hole for residents and visitors alike.

Red Hill

A good view north to London, and south over Chislehurst.

Royal Parade

Named after the French Imperial family in exile. Originally Village Street.

Rush Pond

Another gravel pit, this one on Ashfield Lane.

School Classes

People don't change much, but their school uniforms do...

Sports events

Regular events on the Commons after the Great War.

St John's Mission Church

The church with the shortest life in Chislehurst, in Mill Place, but now demolished.

St Marys Church

Roman Catholic Church on Hawkwood Lane, first resting place of Napoleon III.

St Nicholas Church

Chislehurst Parish Church with a rich heritage dating back to Saxon times.

St Pauls Cray Common

Separate from Chislehurst Commons, but administered by the same Trustees.

Station at Chislehurst

The railway's arrival here in 1865 created a building boom that changed us forever.

Summer Hill

Originally a private road, now the main road to Bromley.

War Memorial

Erected in 1920, and bears the names of the fallen from both Wars.

Water Tower

Demolished in 1963 to enable double-decker buses to take the route to Bromley.

Websters Pond

Another gravel pond, this is now filled in and hidden by trees and undergrowth.

Willett Memorial

In honour of the man who devised daylight saving. In the middle of Willet Wood.

Willow Grove

No longer the quiet road that linked Chislehurst with Elmstead, but plenty of interesting houses still.


Built overlooking the Kyd Valley, did it house Republican spies while Napoleon III lived here?

Winter in Chislehurst

The ponds regularly froze over in Victorian times;snow was common throughout the winter months.

Kemnal Road

Created in 1873 to connect Kemnal Manor with Chislehurst


More images that don't easily fit into other categories


Woodlands 1914-1923

The Webster family and Woodlands, Ashfield Lane, from an album found by Simon Heads.


Brian Pratt images

Brian Pratt was a Chislehurst artist who created a series of watercolours of well-known Chislehurst scenes.