The Chislehurst Society supports a number of local and national organisations

Links to local organisations and other sites about Chislehurst:

Visit Chislehurst

Chislehurst Business Group has launched a new website designed to inform and attract residents and others about what is going on in the High Street and elsewhere in Chislehurst. The Group is supported by the Chislehurst Town Team, and the Chislehurst Society.

Trustees of Chislehurst Commons

This is the website of the Trustees of Chislehurst Commons, formerly known (and still legally known) as Chislehurst Conservators. The Trustees play an invaluable role in maintaining the Commons and preventing damage to them. Without the Commons, Chislehurst would be entirely different, and without the Trustees we would not have them. The Society works closely with the Trustees on matters of mutual interest and we support them financially where appropriate.

Friends of Chislehurst Rec

Friends of Chislehurst and Walden Road Recreation Ground. Regular events are held for families, with occasional major events such as Chislehurst Rocks.

Kemnal Road

A site containing the history of this interesting road. It also includes information on the Kemnal Residents Association.

May Queen

The Chislehurst May Queen Society was formed to retain the continuity of the Traditional Crowning of the Chislehurst May Queen on the Common on the first Saturday in May each year.


The Orpington and District Archaeological Society promotes the study of archaeology in the Upper Cray Valley by undertaking excavations, carrying out research into the archaeology of the area and encouraging public interest through meetings and visits.

Friends of Scadbury

Scadbury Park is situated in Chislehurst. The website contains information about the owners, history and wildlife of this historic site, as well as information about walks and other events taking place here.

Age UK in Chislehurst

Age UK works to improve the quality of life of older people living in the boroughs of Bromley and Greenwich. Their range of services include our Active Day Centre in Chislehurst where older people living locally can meet and socialise around a nutritious meal or a warm cup of tea, or join in activities such as computer and exercise classes.

Organisations to which the Chislehurst Society is affiliated:

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

We work though the planning system to influence decisions about new development, e.g. housing, traffic proposals, business development, to ensure that, where it has to take place, it does not do so at the expense of the countryside. 

London Forum

The London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies speaks for over a hundred local societies across London with more than 100,000 members. We rely on the Forum for information on cross-London matters, including Transport for London, The Mayor's Office, and Central Government proposals affecting London.

London Green Belt Council

An organisation that focuses on the green belts in and around London, and lobbies to maintain them.

Civic Voice

The Civic Trust entered into receivership in 2009. Civic Voice has taken on some of the roles of the Trust. The Society has not renewed its membership with Civic Voice, since it was not considered to be value for money.

Bromley is the largest London borough.