Chislehurst Architects

There are a number of architects, some of them well-known nationally and internationally, who lived or worked (or both) in Chislehurst. More here...

Chislehurst Lives

A great number of Chislehurst residents have left their mark either in Chislehurst or elsewhere, and details are being added to this site.

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John Wakeling Baker - senior commander in the Royal Air Force

William Camden - antiquarian and historian, author of Britannia

Sir Malcolm Campbell - holder of the world land speed record and owner of Blue Bird

George Somers Leigh Clarke - local and national architect

Richmal Crompton - writer, best known for her Just William stories

Ronald Firbank - writer

Napoleon IIIIvor Guest - Lawyer and Ballet Historian

Sir Robert Laidlaw - M.P., trader and philanthropist. He founded Whiteaway, Laidlaw and Co, called the Selfridges of India. He also owned tea and rubber plantations.

Sir John Lubbock - M.P., banker and naturalist. He introduced Bank Holidays in the UK!

Edward (E.J.) May - local and national architect

Louis Napoleon, the Prince Imperial - son of Napoleon III, lived here 1870 to 1879

Napoleon III - exiled Emperor of France (pictured right).

Sir Alfred Newton - Businessman, Lord Mayor of London, and first Chairman of Harrods.

Ernest Newton -local and national architect (Newton actually lived at Bickley, but designed many houses in Chislehurst)

Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden - Lord Chancellor, and Lord President of the Council, (illustrated right)

Grace and Peter Redpath - Residents of the Manor House, Chislehurst. Peter was a Canadian businessman and benefactor

Richard De Quincey - He and members of this family of International Traders lived in a number of different houses in Chislehurst

Sir Victor Shepheard - Naval architect and designer of HMS Britannia

Frederick Simms - engineer, inventor, and, a pioneer for motor cars

Siouxsie Sioux, (Susan Janet Ballion) - Leader of Siouxsie and the Banshees

Charles Spencelayh - Artist

Nathanial Strode - Owner of Camden Place and much else besides; friend of Napoleon III

Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney - Lord of the Manor of Chislehurst, politician and statesman; Home Secretary under William Pitt.

John Thomas Townshend, 2nd Viscount Sydney

John Robert Townshend, Earl (and 3rd Viscount) Sydney - Lord of the Manor of Chislehurst and statesman; Lord Chamberlain, and Lord Steward of the Queen's Household.

Robert Marsham-Townshend and later Lords of the Manor of Chislehurst.

Alan Watts - Buddhist writer and a leading figure in the 1960s flower power movement

William Willett - Builder and Initiator of Daylight Saving

Sir Ted Willis - author and playwright

In addition, the lives of some residents of Kemnal Road in Chislehurst can be found here:

Major John Lawrence Benthall (Holly Bowers) Henry Bilbrough (Nizels)
Peter Harding (Woodheath Cottage) Sir Gerald Berkeley Hurst KC (Hoblands)
Sir James Kemnal (Kemnal Manor) Cyril Kinder (Hoblands)
Sir Archibald McDonald (Kemnal Manor) Major Sir Philip Margetson MC (Meadowcroft)
Harold Molins (Mulbarton) Sir Walter Murton CB (Meadowcroft)
Agnes Tiarks (Foxbury) Henry Tiarks 1832-1911 (Foxbury)
Frank Tiarks OBE (Woodheath and Foxbury) Henry Tiarks 1900-1995 (Woodheath and Foxbury)
Herman Tiarks (Foxbury) The Tiarks family of Foxbury
Fryn Tennyson Jesse (Holly Bowers) Charles Williams (Nizels)