Planning - a key activity

Each month the Society receives details of all planning applications submitted to the Planning Department at London Borough of Bromley in the Chislehurst area. We also receive information of decisions, appeals and other actions in respect of previous applications.

The planning sub-committee reviews all this information. Members of the sub-committee have a great deal of knowledge and experience in planning rules and Bromley's Unitary Development Plan. It also takes into account comments or objections made by members of the Society, and where appropriate will have informal discussions with planning officers.

The sub-committee reviews its conclusions with the Board, and then writes formally to the Planning Department setting out objections to proposals, or observations, where it believes that conformity with planning policies needs to be checked, or that any approval should have conditions attached.

It is most important that members of the Society advise the planning sub-committee, either direct, or through Road Stewards, where they believe an objection to any planning proposal is needed.

Until recently we have reproduced on this site lists of planning applications and decisions for the Chislehurst area. However, the planning portal on Bromley's own website has recently been upgraded, and if you are looking for information about a particular location or area, it is now much easier to find this directly on the Borough's site.

First you should access the site -

If you are likely to be a regular user of the site you can register, and the system will then save the enquiries you make, to save you time in the future.

If you are not registered, and wish to use the site only once, you then have a number of choices:

Chislehurst Society members receive a monthly breakdown of planning applications in Chislehurst via email. We also communicate details of any objections or observations we make that are of of public interest via our newsletter.

Chislehurst High Street Shop Front Design Guide

Chislehurst has the setting and the amenity to become one of London’s most outstanding destination High Streets. Essential to that aim is the need for well designed, high quality and attractive shop fronts that add to the visual amenity of Chislehurst High Street. The intention is to promote attractive shop fronts, sympathetic to the architectural structures in which they are located and yet creating a favourable first impression of a business. A High Street Shop Front design guide has been jointly produced by the Chislehurst Town Team and by Bromley Council.  It provides a framework for delivering a sensitive approach to shop front design and signage and protecting buildings from insensitive change over time.

New shops arriving in the High Street are asked to adhere to this design guide. You can view the guide here.