The Chislehurst Society

Prickend Pond, old and new imagesChislehurst, despite the many changes over the years, has managed to preserve its charm and attractiveness.  But it is ever under threat. The pressures from a growing population in the south-east are particularly severe in Chislehurst, given its many open spaces and houses with redevelopment potential.

The Society cares for Chislehurst and its residents. We are vigilant in scrutinising proposals for change which would constitute inappropriate development or would diminish local spatial standards, and active in opposing those that threaten the commons, ponds and trees, or would harm the Conservation Area and Green Belt.

The Society liaises closely with representatives of the London Borough of Bromley, and we are respected for our views on local matters relating to planning, road safety, traffic, public transport, amenities, litter, trees, open spaces, land drainage and flooding.

We work with the Schools in and around Chislehurst. The Chislehurst Schools Forum meets three times a year, and enables us to work together for the benefit of schools, students and residents.

We play a leading part in the High Street and Royal Parade improvement schemes. We have a strong voice in protecting Members' interests in wider problems affecting Chislehurst, for example in matters relating to aircraft noise, and undesirable development proposals for Green Belt and National Trust land.

We work with other organisations to preserve our built and open enironment. We provide grants and support to the Trustees of the Commons, Friends of Scadbury and Willow Wildlife, and work with others to ensure that we all benefit from the unique environment that is Chislehurst.

We undertake and support research into local studies. We work with our schools and other organisations to keep people aware of our present and past environment. We support research and publication of relevant information, and arrange regular talks and study sessions on matters of interest. The annual Jones Awards demonstrate how we work with our students in an exciting way.

Where there are issues relevant to the Borough of Bromley as a whole, the Society works through the Bromley Residents Federation, whose membership covers many residents' associations and societies throughout the Borough.

People who live in Chislehurst and many more who live in other areas enjoy its commons, trees, woods, ponds, and air of serenity. It is a very special place and they do not want to see it spoilt by insensitive urbanisation.

The Chislehurst Society exists to protect your interests.

The list on the right summarises our main activities in protecting and preserving our heritage. Click on the headings to find out more.