TerracottaThe Chislehurst Society Environmental Awards

The Awards were established in 1991 in the memory of two people who had worked to keep Chislehurst special for many years; Alun and Joy Jones.

Students who live in Chislehurst or go to school here are invited to submit creative entries based on a given theme. The theme changes each year so that over a number of years students are able to think about different aspects of Chislehurst - its people, its history, the environment, flora and fauna, and so on.

Prizes are offered to the best entries in each category based on students' ages. Prizes are also given to the schools which submit in total the overall best entries.

Our thanks to Bruce Hurn and Donna Bompas who previously organised the Awards. Vivien Smith took over in 2013.

Watch a video showing highlights of the 2015 Awards here...