Footpath along the Kyd Brook

The footpath in Hawkwood, along the Kyd Brook, has been in poor repair for many years.This is a charming and well used footpath along the south side of Kyd Brook, linking footpaths to and from Chislehurst, Petts Wood and Bickley, including down Botany Bay Lane.

After heavy rains last year the footpath had become all but unusable, and so, following discussion last year with the Pettswood and Hawkwood National Trust Committee, the Society was very pleased to be able to make a substantial contribution to enable what was a major repair of the footpath. The works were delayed because of further heavy rains over the winter, but have now been completed.

Sam Pettman, The National Trust Keeper at Pettswood and Hawkwood, has written to us:

Please see attached photographs showing the completed footpath project here at Hawkwood. We're very pleased with the contractor's work and feedback from visitors has been universally positive.

It's especially satisfying that one of the most pleasant 'cross country' walking routes from Chislehurst to Petts Wood and Bickley is now in a great condition, whereas previously during the winter months it had become almost impassable.

Thanks for the opportunity to work together on this project.


We look forward to a much happier walking experience from now on!