Police News

In November 2014 Sergeant Alf Sacre was appointed from the South East Cluster, to be responsible for the Chislehurst Ward and the Chislehurst Advisory Panel. Sgt Sacre was previously at the St Mary Cray West Ward. He is enthusiastic and brings a vast amount of  experience to Chislehurst.

Sgt Sacre and his team are now stationed at Bromley Police Station. The dedicated Ward Officers for Chislehurst are PC Nolan and PCSO Buckland. There are other Officers who are available for cover when required.

Sgt Alex Baldwin was appointed in July 2014 to be responsible for the Mottingham & Chislehurst North-NE Cluster. PC Wilkinson and PCSO Kennedy are the Dedicated Ward Officers

A weekly Newsletter is emailed to residents in this cluster area; please let us know if you would like to receive it. It is available to be sent on to residents on  request.

Police duties are constantly under review due to the current terrorist threats and the need to conduct high visibility checks.  Officers receive daily update briefings on terrorist threats and are under a directive not to travel to/from work in their uniforms.

Throughout these extra duties local policing remains as thorough, diligent and effective as ever.

The panel's current promises are:

Any members wishing more police information or to attend the CAPanel meetings are invited to contact the Society and our web site.

Christine Barrett
Chislehurst Society Executive Committee Member.