Chislehurst Lives

A great number of Chislehurst residents have left their mark either in Chislehurst or elsewhere, and details are being added to this site.

John Wakeling Baker - senior commander in the Royal Air Force

William Camden - antiquarian and historian, author of Britannia

Sir Malcolm Campbell - holder of the world land speed record and owner of Blue Bird

George Somers Leigh Clarke - local and national architect

Richmal Crompton - writer, best known for her Just William stories

Ronald Firbank - writer

Sir Robert Laidlaw - M.P., trader and philanthropist. He founded Whiteaway, Laidlaw and Co, called the Selfridges of India. He also owned tea and rubber plantations.

Sir John Lubbock - M.P., banker and naturalist. He introduced Bank Holidays in the UK!

Edward (E.J.) May - local and national architect

Louis Napoleon, the Prince Imperial - son of Napoleon III, lived here 1870 to 1879

Napoleon III - exiled Emperor of France (pictured right).

Sir Alfred Newton - Businessman, Lord Mayor of London, and first Chairman of Harrods.

Ernest Newton -local and national architect (Newton actually lived at Bickley, but designed many houses in Chislehurst)

Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden - Lord Chancellor, and Lord President of the Council, (illustrated right)

Grace and Peter Redpath - Residents of the Manor House, Chislehurst. Peter was a Canadian businessman and benefactor

Richard De Quincey - He and members of this family of International Traders lived in a number of different houses in Chislehurst

Sir Victor Shepheard - Naval architect and designer of HMS Britannia

Frederick Simms - engineer, inventor, and, a pioneer for motor cars

Siouxsie Sioux, (Susan Janet Ballion) - Leader of Siouxsie and the Banshees

Charles Spencelayh - ArtistI

Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney - Lord of the Manor of Chislehurst, politician and statesman; Home Secretary under William Pitt.

John Thomas Townshend, 2nd Viscount Sydney

John Robert Townshend, Earl (and 3rd Viscount) Sydney - Lord of the Manor of Chislehurst and statesman; Lord Chamberlain, and Lord Steward of the Queen's Household.

Robert Marsham-Townshend and later Lords of the Manor of Chislehurst.

Alan Watts - Buddhist writer and a leading figure in the 1960s flower power movement

William Willett - Builder and Initiator of Daylight Saving

Sir Ted Willis - author and playwright