An 1809 painting by James Cockburn of Chislehurst Common (by St Nicholas Church)

The Chislehurst Society fought long battles 30 years ago to have so much of Chislehurst designated as a Conservation Area. This status has meant that all buildings within the Conservation Area, whether listed or not, may not be altered or demolished without specific consent. Our planning sub-committee continues to review all planning applications affecting Chislehurst, whether in the conservation area or not.

In 1992, Mary Holt, a long-standing member, produced a study of the Conservation Area. You can read more about Mary and read the document here... It has been updated to take account of developments since 1992, but is now a little out of date. We also attach a note of listed buildings, both those on the statutory list, and those on the local list. From time to time Bromley Planning Department review whether particular buildings should be on these lists. If you think a particular building or feature in Chislehurst should be considered for listing, please let us know.

Conservation of buildings and environments is only of value if people are aware of their surroundings, and to this end we arrange for some of our public buildings to be open to visitors during heritage days or other regular events. Look out for news of forthcoming events.

The Trustees of the Commons are responsible for the protection of the Commons, and we work with them, and support them financially from time to time. One of our Board members is a Trustee.