Traffic in Chislehurst

Chislehurst lies on the main road from Bromley to the A20 (and the Dartford Crossing), and the road from Orpington to Eltham. It is also a well used commuter route.

TrafficLike every London suburb, Chislehurst suffers from ever increasing volumes of traffic. However, there are additional factors which exacerbate the traffic problems here. There are 11 schools in the area which result in additional traffic during the school run. Although we are well served by 6 bus routes, it does mean that over 50 buses go through the main War Memorial junction every hour for most of the working day. A particular issue for traffic is that the road widths across the commons are tightly controlled because of the very important covenants included in the Act which preserved the commons for our benefit.

There is often congestion in the High Street caused by the traffic lights at Willow Grove, service vehicles for the village shops, combined with the particular parking arrangements there.

The Society is only too aware of the need to keep traffic moving, but it is also important that Chislehurst remains a place where pedestrians can feel comfortable. We support Bromley Borough's stated aim of encouraging walking and cycling, especially for children going to and from school.

The Board keeps a close watch on local traffic problems and gives every encouragement to the appropriate authorities to act when problems arise.

Roger Lawson, who previoulsy chaired our Transport sub-committee. Wrote some information that sets out the responsibilities for decision making on traffic matters in Chislehurst here...

Our aim is to balance the protection of what remains of Chislehurst's rural character with the need to keep traffic moving.

Current Traffic Matters:

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