Heritage Lottery Project update 2 - Archive Workshop

Heritage Ambassadors Archive Workshop - 15th June 2013

Ten novice heritage enthusiasts spent the morning at Bromley Local Studies being treated to a veritable feast of historic items courtesy of the Heritage Lottery Fund.   Archivists from Bromley gave a tour of the resources available to our team; this included looking at maps, street directories, The Bromley Record, electoral registers and learning how to trawl through the local papers stored on microfiche.  


Participants were fascinated by the 1844 Tithe Map specifically put on display for us and were also taken up to the eighth floor repository, where they could see for themselves the untapped resources for research: The Poor Law records, for instance, really fired the enthusiasm of one of the team members to consider a piece of work on the Chislehurst workhouse. 

The team, all sporting their HLF badges, were genuinely amazed at how much material was available to them and certainly succumbed to the historian’s fate of being taken down different paths of enquiry by new nuggets of information.  

The maps we studied revealed new road names, new landowners and differing titles for familiar features such as Prickend Pond, noted on the Tithe Map as Pricking Pond.   It was all so absorbing.

The Local Studies staff were helpful and interested themselves on what was being learned, e.g. the Christian baptismal records of Jewish Children in 1939 revealed in the Christchurch parish records proved a talking point and were entered into the classification system as a new reference. 


Novices they might have been at the outset, but the team all commented that they would return with confidence, no longer feeling that the archives were only a place for academics.  Fired with enthusiasm the team can rightly call themselves Heritage Ambassadors as we work towards capturing the facts around our soon to be revealed newly restored map of the Camden Park Estate.

Who do you think you are??

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