Lottery update number 3 - Our Young Heritage Ambassadors

The Mix - Coopers Mansion House, June 2013

Chislehurst youngsters really got their heads together at the end of June to come up with inventive and imaginative ideas for presenting heritage to their peers. 50 young people aged between 9 and 14 mixed together from different local schools and browsed through various resources to interpret local history for themselves.

The end result could mean a heritage roller coaster ride in Chislehurst where you are bombarded with historic facts and dates on the journey. Woe betide those who fail to answer the quiz on the second loop; the kids want you to get slimed! Fanciful maybe, but certainly fun! And who is to say they couldn't turn the concept into a web based game anyway.

Perhaps a little more practical were their ideas for board games and tours, the recurring theme was on the ghoulish side, but that's what they want, 'Horrible History'. They suggested a graveyard board game on the lines of Monopoly, with images, facts and challenges taken from our churchyards, I'm afraid nobody goes to jail, everyone needs to avoid having to spend the night in a catacomb!

We loved their ideas about murder mystery tours, especially as we have two well documented ancient murders in Chislehurst, one at Camden Place and one in Willett Wood. How about their really workable concept of a photographic competition? Capturing mystery images from parts of our historic buildings and places. Perhaps an idea we can pursue for a Christmas Quiz.

Our young Heritage Ambassadors really got stuck in to the creative theme. Chris House, Regional Chairman of The National Trust presented their medals, books and heritage maps in the grade two listed Coopers Mansion House overlooking the Trust's Hawkwood Estate.

There was a veritable feast of history for the students to absorb and everyone learned something, even if it was on the more macabre side!

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