Heritage Lottery Project update 6 - Francoise explains the restoration

On the 24th September we were treated to a fascinating demonstration about the restoration of our recently unveiled Camden Place Estate map.  The map is presented under museum grade non reflective glass and hermetically sealed to prevent any invasion of dust or mites in the future.

Francoise Ricard, pictured here, an experienced paper restorer from Museum Conservation Services, explained how she had gone about the process of bringing our creased, stained and torn map back to life.  Francoise told us about the very delicate process of repairing the tears in the parchment using Japanese silk and how the document had been gently stretched before cleaning.  The overall finish is a joy to behold.  All the stains have gone, the holes mended and the creases are long gone.

Francoise commented that she had particularly enjoyed this project, first, because she sensed the finished document would be valued in the local community as so many volunteers are contributing to the project, and secondly, because she is a native of France – the map identifies Camden Place as the home and subsequent place of death of Emperor Napoleon III of France in 1873.

The map is now on tour around Chislehurst, after a month at the Methodist Church where it featured in two talks, one to the National Trust and one to the Ecumenical Monday Group. It is now heading for Christchurch, in Lubbock Road where the next talk is scheduled for December 4th.

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