Who we are

Maintaining the balance between preserving our heritage and supporting residents’ needs remains at the heart of what the Chislehurst Society stands for. The Chislehurst Society CIO is a registered charity (Reg. no. 1166276) and has a written constitution formally approved by the Charity Commission. Copies are available to all members. We are also affiliated to the London Forum and other amenity groups.

Planning. We look at all planning applications affecting Chislehurst and raise objections or observations where we have concerns.

Amenities. The Society liaises closely with representatives of the London Borough of Bromley, and we are respected for our views on local matters including planning, road safety, traffic, public transport, public safety, amenities, litter, trees, and open spaces.

Education. We work with the schools in and around Chislehurst. The Chislehurst Schools Forum, made up of representatives from each school, meets three times a year, with the aim of working together for the benefit of schools, students and residents. The annual Environmental Awards and also The Mix demonstrate how we work with local students in an exciting way. We also work with other local organisations to keep people aware of our present and past environment.

Our Heritage. The Society supports research and publication on historical or other matters of interest in Chislehurst, and arranges regular talks and study sessions. Our new History Group, an active research group, meets monthly.

Our environment. We were responsible for setting up the Chislehurst Town Team in 2012 and actively support it and the Chislehurst Business Group. We have a strong voice in protecting and improving local amenities and conserving the Green Belt and National Trust land. We work with other organisations, especially the Trustees of the Commons, to preserve our built and open environment and other features of Chislehurst, to ensure that we all benefit from our unique environment.

Grants. We are fortunate to be able to offer grants to local organisations whose activities meet our charitable objects.

With over 4,000 members, we are one of the largest civic societies in the UK.  Membership is open to anyone regardless of where they live, and you will receive regular communications and reports on matters of interest in Chislehurst. Membership is free for the first year.

Our Road Stewards play a vital part in communicating with our members. We keep our Road Stewards updated on developments, and report each year to our members on the work of the Society in an annual report. 

The Society always welcomes the assistance of members who can offer expert advice and help. If you would like to support the work of the Society, please contact the Chairman.